President Trump speaks in Cincinnati, shows he’s ready to Grow America’s Infrastructure Now

President Trump was in Cincinnati this week where he highlighted the state of our nation’s infrastructure and his plan to devote $1 trillion toward infrastructure revitalization. The President called for bipartisan support, urging both sides of the aisle to assist in what he called “the great rebuilding of America.”

Investment in infrastructure development is an issue that has broad bipartisan support. GAIN spokesman Craig Stevens noted in an interview recently with Ohio radio host Scott Sloan that there is no reason that party politics should get in the way of an infrastructure plan that would put thousands of Americans to work and bring our country’s airports, roads, pipelines, and more up to date to compete and work in the 21st century economy.

President Trump’s plan would allocate $200 billion in federal funding over the next ten years, and expects to attract private investments to bring the total to $1 trillion.  Trump’s visit to Ohio shows the importance of directing federal dollars to areas that will help revitalize the American economy and help move our country forward as we seek ways to re-start our manufacturing and construction sectors and bring more jobs back home.

Infrastructure improvements, coupled with smart reforms of the regulatory sector, can help support the American worker and consumer. President Trump stated that, “the federal government will drastically reduce burdensome regulations,” which have long restrained the growth and improvement of American infrastructure.

The GAIN coalition supports the President’s plan to streamline permit approval and reduce regulatory burdens, as we seek to attract private infrastructure investments and support public projects.

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