Governor Sununu emphasizes need for expedited permitting process

Following last week’s White House infrastructure summit, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu met with President Trump and cabinet officials to further discuss the President’s infrastructure initiative. Governor Sununu commented that he felt convinced the President’s plan would find support on Capitol Hill given the strong bipartisan nature and vital need for improving our country’s infrastructure network.

“We have a President who is a builder, someone who not only knows how to get things done and bring plans to fruition but also someone who has faced how federal agencies can slow down or even block his progress,” Sununu said.

Sununu’s father, former Governor John Sununu, also attempted to expand a New Hampshire highway to eight lanes in the mid-80’s, a major transportation infrastructure project that was expected to cost $200 million. Due to permitting delays, construction for that project still has not begun nearly thirty years later. It is now projected to cost $812 million.

Governor Sununu emphasized the need to expedite the permitting process for infrastructure projects. Wading through mountains of burdensome regulations takes an incredible amount of time and unnecessarily delays projects. Cutting through these crushing regulations and speeding up the permitting process is a vital step for the future of American infrastructure.

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