Natural Gas Benefits All 50 States

One would assume that the benefits of natural gas production are concentrated in the states rich in the natural resource, such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, or West Virginia.  These states sit on top of the Marcellus or Utica shales.  It’s true that these states have benefited greatly, but according to a recent study from the American Petroleum Institute (API), the rest of the country has reaped the benefits as well.

According to a study that the API released on June 27, all 50 states benefit from natural gas produced domestically, including non-producing states.  The study looks at a number of different ways that all Americans benefit from natural gas, from the 4 million jobs created to billions in consumer savings.  This is not a localized gain, it’s something that every American enjoys. And it wouldn’t be possible without the construction of proper energy infrastructure

“From power generation for homes and businesses that benefit from affordable and reliable electricity, to the industry’s skilled workforce that produces natural gas, to pipelines and the workers who build them, the advantages of natural gas are wide-ranging,” said API President and CEO Jack Gerard. “With energy week in full swing, this study is another example of the job and consumer benefits of natural gas across the country.”

These gains are only increasing.  It is estimated that $100 billion will be saved through the use of natural gas by the year 2040 – that’s $655 per household.  By that same year another 2 million jobs are expected to be created as well.  If we continue to support the creation of natural gas infrastructure they will only grow, saving more money and creating more jobs.  Natural gas aids every single state, and helps all Americans.  The GAIN coalition believes in the importance of expanding infrastructure that helps us better utilize our abundant natural resources—and this latest data on natural gas shows that energy infrastructure is something everyone in this country can benefit from.

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