Investing in Infrastructure is Investing in America

Despite consistent growth in the U.S. economy, certain groups and communities have seemingly been left behind.  This certainly wasn’t done intentionally, but it’s apparent nonetheless.  It’s now time for an intentional effort to boost these communities, particularly rural communities, and get them back on the right track.  In order to do so, investment in energy infrastructure is paramount.

Rural communities need a boost, that much is plain to see.  Infrastructure projects, particularly in the form of pipeline construction, would create great jobs, bring an influx of cash to local economies, and help the country as a whole through increased energy independence.  The GAIN Coalition has expressed support for expanding rural infrastructure in the form of broadband internet, and President Trump has expressed similar support.  Now it’s time for an investment in rural energy infrastructure.

Increased investment in energy infrastructure benefits the country as a whole, providing economic, environmental, and energy security for years to come.  There are an abundance of highly skilled men and women eager to get to work on these projects, and we shouldn’t keep them waiting.

It’s simply common sense to invest in infrastructure, and this should cut through any partisan bickering in our nation’s capital.  These investments will help get rural communities back on the right path, create thousands of jobs, boost our energy security, and so much more.  Decision makers in Washington and state capitals should make the right decision, and bring energy infrastructure expansions to rural communities – the ones that need it most.

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