GAIN Applauds Army Corps’ Careful Approach to Reviewing Discreet Issues

We applaud the Corps’ careful approach to ensuring the judge’s discreet issues are carefully considered, as well as the Corps’ and company’s view that the pipeline should remain operational during the Corps’ review.  The regulatory procedures to approve an interstate pipeline project are well-established in this country.  In order to become constructed and operational, the Dakota Access Pipeline received more than 1,000 permits and approvals granted by four states and the federal government.  As a nation that uses more than 800 million gallons of petroleum products a day for transportation and thousands of daily-use items we must ensure the safe, efficient, and environmentally sensitive development and transportation of our domestic energy resources.  In addition, as we look to encourage private financial support for our nation’s infrastructure, businesses and other capital investors must be able to trust that our regulatory process will ensure that their investments are safe.  This will lead to a more modern civil infrastructure, a stronger economy, and the creation of thousands of American jobs.

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