Infrastructure is Saving American Farmers

Thomas Jefferson envisioned America as a country of farmers, creating for ourselves and living of our own accord. While that vision has not entirely come to fruition, our American farms are an ineffably important part of our country – both our economy and our identity. We know this, yet we’ve allowed family owned farms to fall by the wayside, circling bankruptcy, living with the anxiety of survival and making ends meet.  In many cases though, investment in energy and natural gas has saved family farms.

On the brink of bankruptcy, many farms are unsure how long they can sustain themselves. However, the natural resources on their land have begun to provide for them as well, creating greater income and far more security. Landowners are growing wealthy by utilizing the natural gas on their properties; family farms are able to avoid splitting and selling off part of their land. This is one clear benefit to investing in natural gas, and shows just how beneficial investments in energy infrastructure can be for all Americans.

It’s plain to see how natural gas is helping the country on a grand scale – international energy dominance, lower heating costs, fewer emissions – but it’s also easy to overlook the effects it has on smaller communities. Not only have farmers benefited, but their local communities benefit as well. With the additional income, farmers are able to pour this money back into their towns and small businesses, boosting parts of America that are so often forgotten by lawmakers in Washington.

This is a good example of how important energy infrastructure is, and how helpful it can be to local communities. Fully utilizing the natural resources on American soil would help hard working Americans by putting money in their pocket and allowing them to spend less on heating costs and gas bills. The GAIN coalition is elated to see these family farms begin to thrive again, and hopes to see continued growth in local and rural communities across the country.

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