GAIN Statement on Ms. Reznicek’s and Ms. Montoya’s Admission of the Use of Violent Protest Tactics

Washington, D.C. In a press release earlier today, two individuals admitted – then described in detail – their violent protest acts against the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Below is a statement from Craig Stevens, spokesman for the GAIN Coalition.

In a stunning admission of guilt, Ms. Reznicek and Ms. Montoya lay out – in lurid detail – a number of their criminal acts against the Dakota Access Pipeline, then provide a pathway to destruction that could lead to injury – or even death – for anyone trying their violent tactics.  Despite their repeated claims, in no way are the use of gasoline, motor oil, fire, and welding torches to destroy construction equipment or pierce pipelines acts of “peaceful” protest.  These are violent criminals hiding beneath the veneer of young women.  They are lucky they were not seriously injured or killed. And although they may be proud of their criminal history, their violent acts undermine the quest for reasoned debate. 

Improving our nation’s energy infrastructure is critical to ensuring we have the energy necessary to power our daily lives.  One has to wonder what magic juice gets these violent criminals from protest site to protest site and also provides the feedstock to the thousands of everyday products they, their families, and all Americans use. 

In addition to their illegal and violent protest activities, analogizing their actions with the plight of those who suffered under the Nazi regime is simply revolting.  Comparing the lawful siting and construction of pipeline projects that support tens of thousands of jobs and bring millions of dollars to the U.S. economy to Nazi Germany is a disservice to the memory of  the millions of people who suffered and died under that brutal regime.  We would hope that Ms. Rezicek and Ms. Montoya – at the very least – retract that comparison.


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