American Energy Exports At All-Time High

As domestic production of energy resources continues to grow and grow in the United States, a corner has been turned in regard to our position on the international stage. In a relatively short amount of time, thanks to our energy revolution and new technologies, the United States has become one of the global leaders in net energy exports. This has led to stronger energy security, and has helped American allies around the globe.

Since the natural gas revolution began in 2010, US refineries have been able to produce more fuel than ever before, and the numbers continue to grow. This increase in production isn’t to meet domestic demands, but rather to satisfy the rising calls from abroad. Not only does America’s increased fuel production help to boost local economies and create thousands of jobs, it also greatly improves energy security, both our own and that of our allies.

The continued increase of American refineries’ production of fuels allows the US to take a larger role on the international energy stage. Becoming one of the world leaders in fuel exports creates greater security for our country, eliminating the potential for any sort of repeat of the 1973 Oil Crisis, and allowing us to help our allies abroad. Increasing American natural gas imports in European countries lessens the hold that Russian natural gas has in the region.

Increased natural gas production will also require an infrastructure system that will be able to bear the new loads. As it stands, the record highs in production of American fuel are beyond the scope of our current system, warranting immediate attention for improvement and expansion. Leading the world in energy exports is exciting, and the GAIN coalition is hopeful that lawmakers across the country will recognize the importance of an infrastructure system that can keep up with increasing production levels.

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