Senate Confirms Two FERC Nominees

Last night, before the Senate broke for their August recess, two of President Trump’s nominees to FERC were confirmed. This is great news for FERC, as the now two soon-to-be commissioners – Ron Powelson and Neil Chatterjee – can help move the agency forward and work through the buildup of pending projects and start to get necessary and beneficial infrastructure projects underway as soon as possible. Hearings are scheduled for the President’s next two nominees in September.

“In order to proceed with much of this you have to have the FERC actually operating: Working to review the permits; working through the ratemaking cases,” said Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska). “It is substantive work. It is challenging work. It is work that has now been stopped up for months and months. So, knowing that FERC will be able to commence its operations again with a quorum is really good news today.”

The return to FERC having a quorum will have widespread, positive effects that will be felt across the country. Projects that will employ thousands of hard working Americans, bring in millions in tax dollars, and boost local economies can finally move forward. This is a tremendous step in the progression of American infrastructure, and the GAIN coalition is very happy to see Powelson and Chatterjee’s confirmations.

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