Delta to Invest $4 Billion in LaGuardia Terminal

Delta Airlines announced at the end of July that they would be helping to fund the redevelopment of an important piece of American infrastructure. To help renovate their terminal at LaGuardia Airport, in New York City, Delta will provide $4 billion in funding and financing to go along with another $600 million coming from the city. Public-private partnerships like this are of paramount importance as we continue to rebuild and improve American infrastructure.

This isn’t the only infrastructure project currently underway at LaGuardia airport. Along with Delta’s $4 billion redevelopment, another public-private partnership is bringing the necessary funding to renovate the main terminal as well. Another $4 billion dollars is coming to help revitalize one of the most used airports in the country, demonstrating the importance of private investment in public infrastructure.

These investments are the cornerstone of President Trump’s $1 trillion plan, and provide a vital source of funding for infrastructure projects across the country. These investments have helped to bring important transit lines, bridge repairs, and often significantly improve public life. As major infrastructure bills move through Washington and state capitals, these P3 investments bring an alternative source that create jobs, boosts local economies, and helps to improve overall quality of life.

Not only do these projects benefit those who use infrastructure, but they’re also incredibly beneficial to the businesses themselves. Delta’s project at LaGuardia will renovate their terminal, creating a state of the art airport experience and benefiting them greatly. This is but one example of how a public-private partnership can help to make a businesses more successful through an infrastructure investment, and the GAIN coalition is hopeful that many other companies will follow Delta’s lead. P3 investments are a great way to move infrastructure projects forward, and we hope to see more of them in the near future.

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