GAIN Statement: FERC Quorum will allow our nation’s infrastructure to continue moving forward

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) once again has a quorum after 6 months of inaction. Robert Powelson, former Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissioner, was officially sworn in on Thursday, joining Neil Chatterjee and acting Chairwoman Cheryl LaFleur to create a quorum that will finally allow the FERC to start taking action on a massive backlog of decisions, including a host certificates for interstate natural gas pipelines critical to distributing American-produced energy to consumers and markets. The GAIN Coalition issued the following statement in response, which can be attributed to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for the Coalition.

“Having a functioning FERC is critical to ensuring our nation is able to cite, approve, and build the infrastructure it needs to meet the energy demands of consumers and businesses.  From petro-chemical pipelines, to electrical transmission lines, to hydropower plants, and LNG terminals the commissioners’ work helps our nation develop and distribute important forms of energy across the country and to our friends around the globe.”

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