Much Needed Streamlined Infrastructure Approval Process on the Horizon

As it stands today, receiving approval to move forward with an infrastructure project is a long, arduous process. Our waterways and roads, bridges and highways continue to sit in limbo needing improvements and repairs as permits wait to be approved. It’s not uncommon for infrastructure projects to be forced to wait years and years, often stretching into decades, before this can begin. Streamlining this process and shepherding projects towards approval and progress has long been a necessity to fix American infrastructure. Thankfully, action has been taken to do exactly that.

Yesterday, President Trump announced that had signed an executive order with the explicit intention of streamlining permitting processes for infrastructure projects. The new goal, as laid out in the executive order, is to complete the approval process within 2 years of application. This is a tremendous step towards promoting the growth of our infrastructure, and helping to improve the lives of the American people.

Ensuring that projects do not sit dormant and are not required to wait decades before they can begin is a vital step forward in improving our nation’s infrastructure. Moving forward with infrastructure projects – creating roads and bridges, expanding and repairing our tremendous highway system – will have profound effects on the country. Thousands of jobs will be created, employing hard working men and women while bringing money into local communities.

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