Americans Overwhelmingly Support Investing in Infrastructure

Across the country we have been seeing the results of neglected infrastructure. For decades, important projects in cities, rural communities, and everything in between have been neglected, underfunded and pushed down on priority lists. Recently, though, our infrastructure has pervaded the public mind, becoming an issue at the forefront of our national discourse. Lawmakers in Washington, Democrats and Republicans, have expressed a strong desire to invest in our infrastructure. And a recent study tells us that the American people share in that desire.

A poll commissioned by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers found that infrastructure is agreed upon by a vast majority of the American people. In rural communities, 86 percent of people believe that investments in infrastructure will help to strengthen the American economy, while in urban communities, that number was 89 percent. More than 8 in 10 Americans – regardless of where they lived – said that infrastructure investments would help to improve their quality of life, while creating jobs and boosting their local communities.

“The findings underscore the fact that infrastructure connects rural and urban America – both literally and physically,” said AEM President Dennis Slater. “America’s infrastructure was once the envy of the world, but after years of underinvestment, our infrastructure and connectivity between rural and urban America have deteriorated considerably. This is one of the areas rural and urban Americans agree on today – that we must modernize and rebuild our infrastructure to reclaim the infrastructure advantage we once had.”

Accomplishing anything in Washington is difficult, it takes time, commitment, and a strong base of support. Investing in infrastructure has a clear support, with more than most Americans wanting to see investment, members of Congress expressing their support, and a President who has vowed to bring a $1 trillion infrastructure plan to fruition. The GAIN coalition is strongly in favor of increasing our country’s investment in infrastructure, and we’re sure that with such strong support from all aspects of our society we will see new life breathed into our roads and bridges.

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