We Can’t Forget About Our Electric Grid

While the discussion on the future of our infrastructure most often focuses on roads, bridges, and pipelines, there is an unsung hero of American infrastructure equally worthy of our attention and focus. There are more than 700,000 miles of high voltage wires that span from coast to coast, making up the interstate electricity system that lets us flip a switch and light up the room. It’s a part of our lives so integrated in the day to day that we hardly think about how it needs to be modernized and updated to maintain its efficiency.

Recent events like hurricanes Harvey and Irma, or the solar eclipse, have brought our electric grid closer to the front of our national discourse, calling attention to this aging system that so many people rely on. While these events have shined a spotlight on our electric grid, they really underscore the long standing need to reinvest in our electric infrastructure. Demand on the grid continues to grow, placing undue stress on a network that was designed and built decades ago. We need to recognize the importance of upgrading our interstate electricity system to seamlessly handle the demands of a modern United States.

There are already some efforts to update our electric grid underway, and we commend those steps towards restoring America’s infrastructure glory. The GAIN coalition hopes to see a greater focus on this truly vital part of our infrastructure. Our electric grid can act as a foundation, a base to build up from so we can once again make our infrastructure the envy of the world.

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