Texas Moving Forward With Investor-Driven Bullet Train

Texas is making great strides in connecting Dallas in North Texas with Houston down on the gulf coast. These are the 4th and 6th largest metro areas, respectively, and the state has just signed two world class infrastructure engineering firms to lead the charge on their new bullet train connecting the two. The new train will create a 90-minute trip between the two cities, cutting down on traffic along major highways.

The bullet train project is projected to bring more than $36 billion into the state and local economy over the next 25 years, benefiting counties, cities, schools, hospitals, and a number of other entities along the route. It will create more than 10,000 direct jobs during construction, and when completed will employ nearly 1,000 people in permanent positions – a quarter of which will be in rural communities. Texas is the vanguard for a new wave of infrastructure and technology, bringing to the United States a level of commitment to modernizing our country that should inspire others across the country.

Texas is also leading the way by having the project lead by private investors, greatly reducing the burden on American taxpayers. In fact, Texas is set to become the first state with a high-speed passenger train that does into rely on taxpayer funded grants or operational subsidies. In every step of this process, Texas is demonstrating to the country how best to go about improving and expanding infrastructure.

The GAIN coalition is thrilled to see this private-public-partnership approach creating something so incredible for the state of Texas. The bullet train will bring to America something that is commonplace in Japan, and has shown to be an extremely effective means of not just transportation, but stimulating local economies and creating jobs. We hope to see other state take inspiration from Texas, and follow suit with similarly funded infrastructure projects in the near future that improve the lives of all Americans.

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