Michigan Awards $23.2 Million For Water Infrastructure

Upgrading public infrastructure is a surefire way to quickly revitalize a community. Construction projects bring hundreds, if not thousands of jobs, and help to stimulate local hotel and restaurant industries as well. It’s important as we move forward with an in depth and comprehensive plan to repair and rebuild our infrastructure that we bear in mind this effect, and utilize this ability to best help communities that are downtrodden or struggling.

The Michigan Economic Development Corp. is taking great strides to both improve their state’s infrastructure and help out low and moderate income communities. It was recently announced that 14 Michigan communities have been awarded funds that are set to help them fix their water systems. The Michigan Economic Development Corp. is distributing an incredible $23.2 million in grants under the Infrastructure Capacity Enhancement program established last year. This key infrastructure investment will boost economic growth while improving water and sewer systems.

The GAIN coalition commends this great step Michigan has taken to improve its infrastructure, and we’re thrilled that these important parts of everyday life are getting the attention they deserve. Hopefully we see a greater focus on building up communities through revitalization of infrastructure in the near future, and the drive towards rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure continues at pace. We must continue to push to better and repair our infrastructure, improving lives and communities along the way.


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