Our Infrastructure Needs Our Attention

America’s infrastructure has not been granted the attention it needs or deserves. Not long ago we led the world with our infrastructure, yet today we received a D+. As Caller-Times writes, “according to the World Economic Forum, the economic competitiveness of our infrastructure was indeed number one — in 2005. Today, we are ranked ninth, behind France and the Netherlands.” Our infrastructure is not something that can be left for tomorrow, it’s imperative that we focus necessary resources on repairing and improving our infrastructure.

According to recent estimates, between now and 2040 the United States will need to invest $12.4 trillion in infrastructure updates and repairs in order to meet our infrastructure needs. Unfortunately, the US is expected to fall considerably short of that goal, with projections saying the US is only likely to invest $8.5 trillion in that same timeframe.

Our failing infrastructure does not just frustrate commuters or cause traffic jams, it costs taxpayers money. According to The Washington Post, “decaying roads, bridges, railroads and transit systems are costing the United States $129 billion a year,” as a result of cost of operating vehicles and travel delays. That’s $129 billion coming out of the pockets of American workers and American businesses, all as a result of our crumbling and neglected infrastructure.

Investing in repairs across the country will have tremendous effects across a range of areas – not only will it cut down on the annual $129 billion lost, but it will create jobs and stimulate economies. Investing in our infrastructure is a surefire way to improve the country, and the GAIN coalition is excited on the progress that has been made in recent months. With a new spotlight on our infrastructure from Washington, we should see repairs and upgrades to our roads and bridges coming soon.

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