Minnesota Bridges Win Multiple Awards

The American Segmental Bridge Institute recently announced that the Minnesota Department of Transportation won three separate awards for new bridges crossing the Mississippi River in Southeast Minnesota. Interstate 90 Dresbach Bridge and the new Highway 43 Winona Bridge were both named as winners of the 2017 ASBI Bridge Award of Excellence awards.

As the Post Bulletin writes:

“The organization praised the Dresbach Bridge for its beauty and efficiency while being built across a sensitive environmental area and in harsh winter conditions. ‘This bridge’s structural elements provide aesthetically pleasing shapes and forms with the capacity to deliver a record setting concrete span over a major waterway for its owner,’ the selection committee noted. ‘It is a world class Mississippi River crossing bridge.’”

And these weren’t the only awards given to these bridges:

“The Winona Bridge also received the 2017 Excellence in Concrete Construction second place award in infrastructure from the American Concrete Institute. And the Dresbach Bridge earned as spot as one of Roads & Bridges Top 10 Bridges from across the country, coming in at No. 9.”

The GAIN coalition commends Minnesota’s great work in both revamping its infrastructure, and setting a benchmark for others to follow. The first step in improving our crumbling infrastructure is bringing greater funding to projects like this, and the second step is ensuring that the projects are built to the highest standards – something that Minnesota has demonstrated tremendously.

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