FERC Chairman McIntyre Sworn In

For the first time in months, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is without any vacant seats. We previously wrote on FERC’s return to a quorum – and their ability to move forward with projects vital to our nation’s infrastructure.

Now the Commission has finally returned to full staff, after swearing in “Republican Kevin McIntyre, giving the panel a full slate of commissioners just days before it is expected to rule on a controversial proposal to subsidize coal and nuclear power plants.” Mr. McIntyre is set to act as Chairman of FERC, and was sworn in last Thursday, pledging that he “would adhere to the commission’s basic duties of approving and regulating the interstate transmission of electricity, natural gas and crude oil, without favoring one energy source over another.”

This is a great step for the regulatory process, which has so long hindered and delayed the much needed progression of our infrastructure, and prevented important projects from getting underway. We’re excited for Chairman McIntyre to get underway at FERC, and we hope to see great results soon.

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