5G Set To Launch In 2018

Samsung Electronics Americas and Verizon are coming together to take the next step in introducing a new generation of high speed wireless service across the country. In the second half of 2018, Verizon and Samsung will commercially launch their 5G wireless service in Sacramento, making progress towards fully integrating the country with the infrastructure necessary for this new, high speed service.

This has been a thorough process of trials and innovation. Before, when they opted to bring 5G services to Sacramento commercially, “the companies cited 2017 trials in seven U.S. cities where they tout ‘successfully tested and verified 5G performance’ with millimeter-wave spectrum. Findings show a 5G radio can reach up to a building’s 19th floor and that rain and snow have not disrupted service,” according to Politico Pro.

Introducing 5G services across the country will be no small task – it will require a concerted effort on the part of both the service providers and lawmakers in Washington and across the country. As Politico Pro writes, “the wireless industry has long talked up the advent of faster 5G internet service, which they say will require new infrastructure such as small cells. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have shown great interest in finding the best ways to facilitate 5G deployment and weighed legislative proposals in both chambers aimed at helping the U.S. lead on the new service.”

When 5G services are brought online in Sacramento this year, it will be just the start of a nationwide implementation of this cutting edge technology. The GAIN coalition is happy to already see growing support for installing the necessary infrastructure, both for the additional internet access that will be afforded to millions of Americans, and the thousands of jobs that will be created as nationwide construction projects get underway.

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