White House Preparing To Roll Out Infrastructure Plan

In 2017, America’s infrastructure received a poor grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers: a D+. So many aspects of our infrastructure stand derelict and in disarray, neglected for far too long. In 2018, however, signs have begun to point towards a pivot to repairs and improvements. The White House continues to put the finishing touches on its massive infrastructure bill, and it’s expected to be unveiled later this month.

The plan, which will call for $1 trillion in important funding for our nation’s roads, bridges, waterways and more, is exactly the commitment that our infrastructure needs. The plan will pair $200 billion in federal funding with additional funding mechanisms used by individual states, eventually combining state, federal, and private dollars into the necessary funds.

“The president’s infrastructure vision is very clear and is based around two main goals: leveraging federal funds as efficiently as possible in order to generate over $1 trillion in infrastructure investment and expediting the burdensome and lengthy permitting process,” said White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters.

The GAIN coalition is ready to seize this once in a generation opportunity, and to see our crumbling infrastructure across the country be rebuilt and upgraded. Modern and efficient infrastructure is vital to the success of our economy, and the quality of life of our citizens. We’re excited to see President Trump’s infrastructure bill, and we’re ready to make improvements from coast to coast.

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