Congressional Caucus Releases Report On Future Infrastructure Plan

Earlier this week, the bipartisan House Problem Solvers Caucus released a report, put together by their Infrastructure Working Group, laying out in detail suggestions for future infrastructure policies. This report comes as talk in Washington is heating up around a major infrastructure bill, which the White House is expected to unveil later this month.

“Unfortunately, due to years of underinvestment and deferred maintenance, America is no longer keeping pace and continues to fall behind other countries,” the report says. “By some estimates, the funding gap may be as high as $2 trillion by 2025 across all sectors of American infrastructure.”

The report makes a number of suggestions for ensuring that all areas of the United States are able to receive the funding that they need in order to repair and improve their infrastructure. One such suggestion is “creating ‘a rural liaison’ for various federal agencies to help those areas seek funding,” which would greatly improve the chances of our overlooked rural communities improving their infrastructure, or expanding access to high speed internet.

The suggestions from the Problem Solvers Caucus lay out some important ideas and policies for any potential infrastructure bill that makes its way through Congress, and the report serves as an example of the continued and consistent progress that lawmakers in Washington are making towards overhauling and improving our crumbling infrastructure.

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