Statement: GAIN Applauds Problem Solvers Caucus Effort to Promote U.S. Infrastructure

A bipartisan group of 48 members of Congress released a report Wednesday detailing recommendations they hope will serve as a blueprint for President Trump’s infrastructure plan. The GAIN Coalition issued the following statement supporting the group’s efforts, which can be attributed to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for the coalition:

“The GAIN Coalition is encouraged to see leaders in Washington work toward a bipartisan solution to improve our nation’s infrastructure. Roads, bridges, airports, pipelines, and even our wireless infrastructure are in need of updating to help sustain a growing economy and the stresses put on these systems by our daily lives.  By investing financial resources into physical construction and effort into streamlining regulations, the federal government can go a long way in jump-starting infrastructure development that will create jobs, strengthen our economy, and bolster our national security.  We are hopeful that President Trump and Members of Congress will be able to come together to support meaningful infrastructure action that will benefit American workers, American families, and American businesses.”

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