Our Infrastructure Can’t Wait Any Longer

It’s time to fix America’s infrastructure. With President Trump stepping in front of Congress and committing to a $1.5 trillion investment in revitalizing American infrastructure, the path forward has never been clearer.  We’ve let our roads and bridges slip, our energy grid and infrastructure are crumbling, and scores of Americans are unable to access high speed internet. We have the capacity, the public desire, and the support in Washington to move forward with significant reforms.

And fixing our infrastructure will have effects more widespread than simply shortening commutes or fixing potholes. America loses tremendous amounts of money every year as a result of our decaying infrastructure. Making a large scale investment will reap rewards far exceeding what we put in, and those economic benefits will impact every single American as construction projects create jobs, bring boosts to economies, and help the United States from coast to coast.

As William Mills, President of the American Public Works Association, wrote for The Hill:

“If another year passes without long-term commitment to appropriately funding, operating and maintaining our infrastructure systems, America will continue to dig a deeper hole and fall economically behind and be unable to safeguard the nation’s high standard of living. By investing in infrastructure, we gain improved safety, congestion relief, environmental protection, job creation and a more competitive economy.”

The GAIN coalition is excited to see what comes next, as President Trump’s massive infrastructure revitalization package moves through Washington, and gets out to the American people. Investing in our infrastructure is investing in America, and the time has never been better to make this commitment and make American infrastructure the envy of the world.

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