Colorado Most Recent State Committing To Rural Broadband Expansion

With access to high speed, reliable internet you have the world at your fingertips. A few taps and clicks and any question you have can be answered. Businesses can reach greater markets online; students have access to unprecedented academic resources. Reliable, high speed internet has quickly become engrained in everyday life, and it should be thought about as a vital part of existence, something that ought to be provided to every single person across our great nation.

Colorado’s Senate recently voted to approve a bill that will expedite the cionstruction of high-speed internet service in rural areas throughout the state. As we’ve written previously, America’s rural communities often have the worst coverage when it comes to high speed internet, and that has a tremendously negative impact on livelihoods and economies. Colorado has taken a great step in remedying this issue, and ensuring that all Americans are afforded the same

Colorado follows the example set by a number of other states and organizations, with New York and Alaska both committing to bringing high speed internet to their citizens. Microsoft announced last July that they had plans to partner with telecommunications companies to bring broadband access to 2 million Americans. And just last month, a  group of community leaders, rural advocates, and top innovators launched the Connect Americans Now group in to work towards providing broadband connectivity in every market in the country.

The GAIN coalition is thrilled to see another State come forward in support of bringing this important part of modern life to more and more Americans. Ensuring that our rural communities have access to the internet will help small businesses grow and thrive, provide our students with the resources they need for their studies, and simply improve quality of life for millions of American citizens.

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