House Natural Resources Committee Oversight Hearing on “Liquefied Natural Gas and U.S. Geopolitics”

The United States is expected to set a record level for natural gas production in 2018 according to the Energy Information Administration. But in order for the U.S. to be a global leader of liquefied natural gas (LNG) we need sustained investment to support the expected production growth.

Meg Gentle, President of Tellurian, recently testified in front of the House Natural Resources Committee to discuss the complex geopolitics of natural gas development and delivery. Gentle pointed out that the changing LNG market could have transformative effects on the economy, but is at risk of being left behind without adequate pipeline and LNG infrastructure.

“Our team at Tellurian can support U.S. geopolitical goals by offering low-cost gas supply and flexible terms, but even our plans to invest $29 billion in American infrastructure are insufficient to meet this growing challenge. With more investment in American energy infrastructure, the United States is uniquely positioned to support global energy security and air quality through a leadership position in LNG markets for decades.”

Exporting LNGs in the U.S. creates thousands of jobs, spurs economic growth, and gets us closer to energy independence. It is time the U.S. takes the lead in global energy production. The GAIN coalition commends Ms. Gentle for bringing this issue to the attention of Members of Congress. We sincerely hope to see this translate into greater action to support investments in energy infrastructure.

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