Statement: Chairman Shuster’s Infrastructure Bill

Earlier today, Chairman Shuster released a draft bill to invest in our nation’s infrastructure.  Following is a statement from the GAIN Coalition that you can attribute to me:

We are pleased that Chairman Shuster has put forward a bill that can help facilitate a thoughtful discussion about ways to strengthen our nation’s infrastructure.  From roadways, to airports, to waterways, and energy corridors – the United States’ infrastructure is in dire need of improvement, so it’s appropriate and timely that Congress step in to help.  Capital support for infrastructure will lead to more U.S. jobs and a stronger economy.  While some projects will need public financing, others can be completed using private investment.  The federal government can encourage this private investment by streamlining the regulatory process and by providing companies with certainty that the government means what it says when it comes to permitting.  We look forward to digging into this bill and hope to work with the Chairman and others to see that a commonsense infrastructure bill becomes law.

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