FERC approves key Rover Pipeline laterals

Good news came yesterday for energy consumers across the country as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved service on Rover Pipeline’s Burgettstown and Majorsville supply laterals effective immediately. FERC also approved the associated compressor and metering stations. According to Associated Press:

When in full operation, Rover will transport gas from processing plants in West Virginia, Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania for delivery to pipeline interconnects in West Virginia and Eastern Ohio as well as to the Midwest Hub near Defiance, Ohio, where up to 68 percent of the gas will be delivered for distribution to markets across the U.S.

FERC’s approval comes at a critical time as the energy industry strives to keep up with the major infrastructure shortage facing the U.S. This approval allows for 100% of long-haul contractual commitments on Rover Pipeline to begin on September 1 as it safely and efficiently transports natural gas products from the Marcellus and Utica shale formations to consumers and businesses throughout the country.

Modern energy infrastructure development is key to ensuring accessible, affordable energy for consumers. Pipelines are the safest, most efficient method of transporting energy products to markets, and GAIN looks forward to the contributions Rover Pipeline will bring to fueling our country’s energy needs!

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