GAIN Statement on President Trump’s Executive Orders to Streamline U.S. Energy Infrastructure

Earlier today, President Trump issued two executive orders to support U.S energy infrastructure. The orders come at a critical juncture as the U.S. – and North America – continues to produce record amounts of oil and gas. Despite record production last year, parts of the country still lack sufficient energy infrastructure. This lack of infrastructure could lead to an unnecessary over-reliance on foreign energy sources, as happened last winter when natural gas was shipped in from Russia to meet consumer demand in the Northeast. 

Below is a statement you can attribute to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for the GAIN Coalition:

“GAIN commends President Trump for today’s executive orders prioritizing much-needed oil and gas infrastructure development in the United States. For too long, some politicians’ ill-considered energy policies have hampered the development of safe, efficient energy infrastructure, subjecting American consumers to unnecessarily high energy costs and unreliable service. These executive orders turn the page, marking a new step toward American energy dominance and allowing the U.S. to provide domestic consumers and foreign allies alike with needed energy resources.”

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