President Trump Touts Energy Investment in Western Pennsylvania

This afternoon, President Trump visited the Shell ethane cracker plant in Potter Township, PA. The President delivered a speech at the multibillion- dollar complex highlighting his administration’s emphasis on expanding energy production in the U.S. and his targeted economic policies that make investments like the cracker plant possible.

The complex is nearing completion and will eventually serve as a conversion site for natural gas liquids into plastics. Like any energy project, the Shell facility must pass all requirements set by state and federal regulators to ensure the facility will operate in a safe and environmentally-conscious manner.  This investment is an economic triumph for Pennsylvania and will create nearly 600 permanent, well-paying jobs.

Energy projects around the country are flourishing thanks to the Trump Administration’s continued support for proactive energy policies. About 100 miles east of the cracker plant, the natural gas-fired Competitive Power Ventures (CVP) Fairview Energy Center in Jackson Township is expected to generate enough energy to provide power for over one million homes and businesses in Pennsylvania once complete later this year.

Due to the record natural gas production here in the U.S., Gulf states including Texas and Louisiana have experienced a surge of investment in LNG export terminals – increasing American energy exports while bolstering our national security. These multibillion- dollar investments also create a flurry of economic growth, creating high-skilled jobs and new streams of tax revenue.

After unanimous approval by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Gulf Coast Growth Ventures’ proposed ethane cracker plant will begin operations in 2022. The multibillion- dollar plant will be based outside of Corpus Christi and is expected to hire over 250 permanent employees and pay millions in taxes to the state.

GAIN applauds the Trump Administration’s commitment to prioritizing our nation’s energy infrastructure. State and federal support are critical to further investment in safe, reliable energy projects that provide economic security and energy to millions of Americans and our allies abroad.

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