Boosting energy infrastructure is mutually beneficial

Inside Sources published an opinion editorial by Albert Wynn, strategic advisor for the GAIN Coalition and former member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In the article, Wynn suggests that the U.S. take an unprecedented approach to how we “solve” the immigrant crisis. He suggests that violence, crime, lack of education and unreliable power grid could be contributing factors to the United States’ current influx of immigrants from Central America.

If the United States offers Honduras the expertise and know-how to develop crucial infrastructure projects across the region, it would greatly improve energy sustainability and boost local employment. Wynn elaborates:

“Reliable electricity and dependable public utilities are particularly indispensable for daily living conditions as well as educational and economic opportunities. Perhaps this is an opportunity for the United States to invest in providing these energy resources that will eventually lead to reliable public services, economic investment and incentive to remain in-country rather than seek out a better life elsewhere.”

Wynn highlights that the U.S. is a stable, energy resource-rich country with regulatory oversight and reliable infrastructure and not only is this useful domestically, but also for international exports and trade. American energy resources and private investment in the infrastructure to transport natural gas from the United States would provide economic stimulus in developing communities. He notes: 

“Boosting energy infrastructure in Honduras would generate increased investment in the country, and create jobs throughout the region. Not to mention, this infrastructure would be transporting natural gas that is used to generate electricity, light the stove, and fuel the car. With the collaboration of the public and private sector, these investments would be mutually beneficial for all nations involved.”

Sustainable energy infrastructure and access to a reliable power grid are immensely important to the daily lives of all people. GAIN applauds Wynn’s out-of-the-box approach to ensuring that all people have access to reliable energy resources.

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