ND’s Bakken Region is Rich with Energy Resources

The Grand Forks Herald Editorial Board published a guest column touting the economic benefits received from energy resources in the Bakken region. After the Dakota Access Pipeline began operating, it was capable of carrying 470,000 barrels of oil daily. The Board noted this influx of oil created savings of about $7.50 per barrel which led to increased production and thus more tax dollars for the community. In the Board’s own words:

“So the pipeline, fiscally speaking, has been good to North Dakota’s bottom line.”

This week, The Grand Forks Herald reported that “a deposit of sand in north-central North Dakota could be a boon to the state’s oil industry.” The sand was found in McHenry County and also in Mercer County and is a “variety specifically needed in the process of hydraulic fracturing.” This sand is not usually found in North Dakota and is costly to haul, thus making this discovery particularly thrilling for producers in the region. The Board wrote:

“[T]hat cost might not seem like much by itself. But considering each well requires thousands of tons of sand, the costs can quickly add up. Having a source of sand within the state can greatly reduce shipping costs. In the Herald’s report, published Sunday, the newspaper noted that savings could amount to as much as $150,000 to $300,000 per new Bakken well.”

The GAIN Coalition applauds The Grand Forks Herald’s Editorial Board for promoting the economic benefits of energy infrastructure development in North Dakota and across the region. As the Bakken region continues to further develop and grow, it is important that North Dakotans learn more about the potential benefits and opportunities they can bring to the state.

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