GAIN Statement on New York Gov. Cuomo Threatening to Revoke National Grid License

Months after New York regulators blocked construction of a $1 billion pipeline to supply New York City, Long Island and the surrounding area with natural gas, Governor Andrew Cuomo today threatened to revoke utility-provider National Grid’s license to operate in the southern part of New York.

In May, National Grid issued a moratorium on new gas hookups in the region due to a lack of natural gas capacity – a problem stemming from the Cuomo Administration’s denial of key permits for the Williams Pipeline.  Despite this, Cuomo’s letter accuses the utility of “mishandling of the gas supply system” and that “there is no doubt National Grid failed to provide ‘adequate and reliable’ service.”  

Below is a statement that can be attributed to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for the GAIN Coalition:

“Governor Cuomo’s threat against National Grid is deeply concerning – for both consumers, businesses, and utility providers across the state. National Grid has identified the critical need for new energy infrastructure to safely and efficiently deliver natural gas to consumers in Long Island and the New York City area. Rather than developing pragmatic solutions, Gov. Cuomo has a long history of stonewalling the development of the state’s natural gas resources and opposing new energy infrastructure – as a result he is now blaming the victim – the energy industry itself. Cuomo’s political antics have left New Yorkers, quite literally, in the cold.”  

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