GAIN Applauds National Petroleum Council Report on Energy Infrastructure

Earlier today, the National Petroleum Council (NPC) held their 129th meeting during which they released Dynamic Delivery – America’s Evolving Oil and Natural Gas Transportation Infrastructure, the results of a comprehensive study analyzing the landscape of our nation’s energy infrastructure network. The report found that the largest energy sources will continue to be oil and natural gas through at least 2040, emphasizing the importance of investing in new and existing pipelines, specifically in regions facing infrastructure bottlenecks such as the Northeast.

Following is a statement from the GAIN Coalition which you can attribute to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for the coalition:

“The GAIN Coalition fully supports the NPC’s report calling for further investment in the United States’ critical energy infrastructure. As the the largest oil and natural gas producing country in the world, improving the U.S. pipeline network not only benefits American consumers and our economy, but also bolsters our ability to provide reliable, affordable energy to our allies around the globe. Regulatory certainty and a straightforward, streamlined permitting process are key to ensuring development and safe transport of our abundant energy resources.

“Despite the U.S.’s and the world’s growing energy needs, a number of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have called for limiting domestic energy production and banning the construction of new energy infrastructure. While such proposals may play well to the far-left, these policies are shortsighted and ultimately diminish the United States’ global influence, will increase our reliance on foreign sources of energy, and harm our economy – costing thousands of labor jobs. U.S. policymakers must work together to ensure investment in America’s energy infrastructure is able to move forward.”

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