TXOGA celebrates 100 years of Oil & Natural Gas Production

The Houston Chronicle featured an outstanding triumph by the Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA), the association has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.

In an initial interview with Texas Inc., TXOGA president Todd Staples reflected on the past century of feats and shed some light on the future of the energy industry.

Staples discusses the importance of continuing to support the future of the pipeline infrastructure in Texas:

“They are the absolute safest ways to move products and if you want gasoline at your convenience store, to fuel your car or your school buses. Or you want natural gas to make sure you have affordable power for your homes. Our member companies work really hard to promote good and best standards for building and operating pipelines.”

With the recent approval of four South Texas LNG export terminals, including the location of three facilities at the Port of Brownsville, the economy in the region will benefit greatly. New pipelines in the area will support the vast amounts of natural gas produced by the Permian Basin and make Texas a frontrunner for LNG exports by providing affordable domestic prices and generate profits by selling to foreign markets. The Permian Express Pipeline System spans 430 miles and reaches the U.S. Gulf Coast and Mexico markets.

“The next 100 years are bright,” said Staples regarding the future of TXOGA and the oil and gas industry. “As we think about our future, oil and gas is committed to a cleaner, stronger energy future. We know that the components that we use, 96 percent that we use in our homes and in our hospitals and in our schools, come from oil and gas. It’s simply irreplaceable.”

Investing in the Texan pipeline network is critical to ensuring oil and gas production from the Permian Basin is serving America’s energy infrastructure to the best ability. This investment is crucial in ensuring the U.S. can remain a top LNG exporter in the global market.

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