GAIN Adviser Weighs in on Merits of DAPL Optimization

Ahead of an early February Illinois Commerce Commission hearing GAIN advisor, retired Colonel Tom Magness, was featured in the State Journal-Register responding to an editorial which incorrectly mischaracterized the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Optimization plan set for regulatory consideration.

Colonel Magness, who spent much of his military career as a commander in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, pointedly reminded readers of the importance and value projects like the DAPL Optimization offer to the nation’s energy security and regional benefits.

To keep up with steadily increasing Bakken crude oil production, DAPL Optimization will modify the existing pipeline by adding three new pump stations to increase throughput and is “…good news for American energy security and production,” as Magness noted. DAPL has already been a success in reliably delivering energy resources and the proposed plan by Dakota Access doubles down on that very strength.

Moreover, coverage of the proposed plan has been woefully narrow and lacked acknowledgement of the benefits of pipelines and general and their ability to safely move American-produced energy to markets.

For more insights on DAPL Optimization Colonel Magness’ letter to the editor can be read in full here.

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