North Dakota town to commence infrastructure renovations with $3 million dollar donation from Energy Transfer

What would you do with $3 million dollars? The town of Mandan, North Dakota is planning to invest in renovations for local infrastructure projects thanks to a generous $3 million dollar donation from Energy Transfer received this past year. KX Net reported that the town will revamp the Mandan Morton Public Library and Dykshoorn Park.

Speaking on the donation, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer of Energy Transfer Chris Curia said:

“This contribution is part of our commitment to be a valued business partner in North Dakota. We are grateful for the support we received from the people of Mandan throughout the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, and we wanted to find a way to benefit residents of all ages throughout the county.”

It is encouraging to see energy companies like Energy Transfer invest in local communities they conduct business in. Donations such as this one can dramatically improve the daily lives of individuals in small communities such as Mandan.

Jackie Hawes, Mandan Morton Public Library Director, is looking forward to the additions to the library as a result of the donation. Hawes said,

“We currently have a lot of problems here in the existing building or a lot of issues. And so this is pretty much going to address all of those issues that we have. Also, the design is definitely future-focused and so as the community grows, the library may need to go as in the future.”

The donation will create a more inviting workspace for the Mandan Morton Public Library and allow Dykshoorn Park to host more community-bonding activities such as farmers markets, concerts, and additional events. Hopefully more businesses can continue to donate to communities they work in and support local growth and development projects going forward.

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