GAIN Commends California Regulators for Greenlighting New Energy Development

The California Geologic Energy Management division last week issued 24 hydraulic fracturing permits for oil well stimulation, ending the state’s 9-month moratorium on new fracking well authorizations. The approvals are key as the United States continues to strengthen domestic energy production – reducing reliance on foreign energy sources and furthering American energy independence.  

California had halted issuing hydraulic fracturing permits last July after the state’s oil and gas supervisor was fired and an independent review of the agency’s permitting process was initiated. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory recently completed that review, and state regulators can now continue to consider another 282 applications that remain on hold pending individual approval.

Below is a statement that can be attributed to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for the GAIN Coalition:

“GAIN commends California’s energy regulators for approving the necessary hydraulic fracturing permits for two-dozen new oil wells in the state. While hundreds of additional applications await approval, this is a promising step in the right direction for the state’s energy development. In light of COVID-19, it is more essential now than ever before for regulators to prioritize our nation’s energy security, greenlight shovel-ready jobs, and ensure a streamlined permitting and approval process for new projects.”

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