Bismarck Tribune Letter Highlights Oil Industry Resiliency

The Bismarck Tribune recently published a letter to the editor by Amanda Parent of Bismarck emphasizing the resiliency of the state’s oil industry. Parent points out that the coronavirus and OPEC have wreaked havoc on our energy industry – “an unprecedented one-two-punch to our national and local economies.”

Parent points out that there is hope, though. The industry has decades of success to draw on, and combined with ingenuity and commitment to meeting our nation’s energy needs, the industry will be ready when the nation emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. Regarding North Dakota, Parent writes:

– The oil and gas industry will continue as one of our largest employers.

– The Bakken will continue to produce more than 1 million barrels of oil per day, providing the petroleum products needed during the COVID 19 outbreak for our nation’s consumer supply chains and the production of plastics for ventilators.

– Companies will continue to drive efficiency and technology to boost well production and lower costs.

– The state will continue to collect oil and gas taxes to fund its general fund budget, top priorities, and the Legacy Fund.

– The people and families of the oil and gas industry will remain strong, adaptive, and optimistic for our futures.

The Bakken transformed the economy of North Dakota allowing tens of thousands of people, such as myself, to build careers here. This may be a tough year and we will survive it with strength and readiness for tomorrow.

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