Democratic Attorneys General Put Politics before Energy Security

Following a letter last month signed by more than two dozen House Democrats calling on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to stop reviewing new natural gas pipeline and LNG export facility projects amidst COVID-19, Democratic attorneys general from ten states and the District of Columbia this week sent a letter to FERC asking the Commission to postpone approval of any new fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

The AGs argue postponing approval of such projects “is necessary to preserve the due process rights of interested parties.” However, the Commission continues to conduct proceedings and provide resources through digital channels, like the majority of state and federal agencies amid COVID-19, and continues to welcome participation from members of the public.

In response to the request from House Democrats last month, FERC Chairman Neil Chatterjee emphasized the importance of continuing to strengthen our nation’s energy infrastructure network. Chatterjee stated:

“It’s imperative that the Commission continue to operate as close to normal as possible so that the industries we regulate are well-positioned to contribute to the nation’s economic recovery when we all return to work.

“We at FERC will do everything in our power to make sure our energy systems continue to operate and are there when we call upon them once our economy reopens. To shut our door to working on the nation’s critical energy infrastructure would be as irresponsible as it is shortsighted.”

Our nation’s energy infrastructure network is more important now than ever before. FERC is committed to fulfilling all statutory obligations, just as they always have. It is unfortunate that legislators have taken this advantage of this public health crisis to further promote an anti-fossil fuel ideology.

Additionally, new infrastructure projects like natural gas pipelines and LNG export facilities are capital-intensive, multi-year shovel-ready jobs that support thousands of high-skilled jobs. Such economic investment can play a key role in not only providing Americans with the energy they use every day, but also creating a much-needed economic boost in light of COVID-19.

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