National Coalition Hosts Texas Tour Highlighting Permian Energy Growth, Infrastructure Investment, and Global American Energy Impact

AUSTIN, TEXAS (September 3, 2020) – As the top U.S. producer of both natural gas and crude oil, Texas has played a key role in powering a resurgence of domestic energy production, and continues to fuel the American economy. Recognizing Texas’ commitment to American energy success and the industry’s crucial contributions, national energy and infrastructure experts from Grow America’s Infrastructure Now (GAIN) Coalition hosted a series of roundtable discussions this week to highlight the future of energy development in Texas’ Permian Basin and across the nation. Events were held in Austin, Corpus Christi, Fredericksburg, Johnson City, and Wimberley.

“We hit the road, convening small groups across Texas to talk about the importance of U.S. energy dominance to our nation and to Texas,” said GAIN spokesman Craig Stevens. “As the biggest energy producing state in the biggest energy producing country, Texas plays an outsized role in maintaining our nation’s economic and national security.”

While “Keep it in the Ground” activists have capitalized on the pandemic-induced drop in demand for oil and natural gas as an opportunity to push an anti-energy agenda and oppose critical infrastructure development, we cannot afford to risk our nation’s energy security. Doing so would jeopardize much-needed economic growth, thousands of high-skilled jobs, millions in state and local tax revenues, and American national security.

The discussions highlighted the need for continued energy infrastructure investment – such as the expansion of Energy Transfer’s Lone Star Express Pipeline System, which was completed earlier this week, and Kinder Morgan’s Permian Highway Pipeline, which is expected to come online in early 2021 – in order to transport natural gas and oil from the Permian, the extensive permitting and approval process for pipelines, why energy exports are good for the United States, and the significant safety, economic, and environmental benefits of transport-by-pipeline.

Speakers included:

Major General James A. “Spider” Marks (retired), strategic advisor to the GAIN Coalition and a national security and energy security expert, having served over 30 years in the Army holding every command position from infantry platoon leader to commanding general.

Bill Godsey, Houston-based geoscientist and former geologist for the Texas Railroad Commission. Godsey has founded several oilfield services firms and has an expertise in environmental and regulatory services.

Craig Stevens, spokesman for the GAIN Coalition, having previously served in the Bush Administration at the Department of Energy where he served as the chief spokesman under Secretary Sam Bodman.

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Grow America’s Infrastructure Now (GAIN) is a diverse coalition of businesses, trade associations, and labor groups that share a vested interest in creating jobs and strengthening our nation’s economy through infrastructure development. For more information on the GAIN Coalition, visit or follow the Coalition on Twitter @GAINNowAmerica.

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