Energy Secretary Will Push for Federal Funds to Strengthen Louisiana Energy Infrastructure In Light of Hurricanes

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette last week said he will support efforts to secure federal funds to “hurricane-proof” critical energy infrastructure – including power infrastructure, oil facilities, and the government’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve storage facility.

Brouillette highlighted that there was severe structural damage to critical oil facilities in the Lake Charles area, including the Citgo and Phillip’s 66 plants that account for more than 700,000 barrels of crude oil processing per day.

Brouillette also emphasized the strategic importance of the region when it comes to the nation’s energy security and infrastructure network, which is why it is so important the existing facilities should be upgraded and made more resilient. The state has increasingly become key to bolstering American energy independence – a top priority for the Trump Administration. As explained, “That includes aggressive growth of the liquefied natural gas facilities in the Lake Charles area that are aimed at tapping low-cost domestic gas and exporting to overseas growth markets, especially China.”

GAIN applauds Secretary Brouillette for his focus on safeguarding and upgrading our nation’s energy infrastructure network. Bolstering American export and transport capabilities is key to maintaining American energy dominance, promoting economic growth, and ensuring reliable access to domestically-produced oil and natural gas.

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