Audio News Release: API Report highlights the negative impacts of a Dakota Access shutdown

This week, an audio news release is circulating radio in North Dakota and Washington D.C. regarding the impacts of a Dakota Access shutdown based on a study from the American Petroleum Institute. See below for the full Audio News Release:

Introduction: This month, the American Petroleum Institute (API) released a study warning of the negative economic impacts of a Dakota Access Pipeline shutdown. The report finds a shutdown of the pipeline could cause tax revenues to go down, unemployment to go up, and threaten national security.

Craig Stevens, spokesman of “Grow America’s Infrastructure Now” said:

“Shutting down the Dakota Access pipeline would hurt North Dakota communities and our nation’s economy by bringing about higher energy costs. Specifically, according to API, about 3,000 jobs would be cut over the next year and a half and make our country more reliant on foreign sources of energy and give an upper hand to nations like Iran, Venezuela, and Russia.

We simply cannot afford to put our nation’s energy and national security at great risk. The Dakota Access pipeline must remain operational.”

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