LNG Exports Can Bolster the Economy and Environment

The Rio Grande Guardian published an opinion editorial from Todd Staples, president of the Texas Oil and Gas Association, highlighting the benefits of Texas-produced natural gas and its role in serving both the U.S. and our allies overseas around the globe. The piece emphasizes how the U.S. has become a top leader in global energy, largely due to increased energy production in the Lone Star state.

              Natural gas has become a reliable, affordable, and widely-available source of energy that is heavily relied upon in the U.S. According to the EIA, natural gas is well-known to be a relatively clean burning fuel that produces fewer emissions than other traditional fuels to produce the same amount of energy. Staples highlights how the Trump administration is maximizing the potential of LNG export facilities in Texas:

“Recently, President Trump announced a policy that will allow the extension of LNG export permits through 2050. At the same time, the U.S. Department of Energy authorized exports of LNG from four proposed export projects in Texas, adding to the two LNG export facilities already operating in the Lone Star State. In his announcement of the authorizations, U.S. Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette said, “The export capacity of these four projects alone is enough LNG to supply over half of Europe’s LNG import demand.”

The LNG export facilities in Texas play a major role in bolstering the U.S. economy and making our nation a top player in the energy space. No matter who is in the White House next year, it is important that the billions of dollars at stake is considered when establishing American energy policy and making decisions about the future of LNG facilities in Texas:

“But American exports of LNG don’t just benefit our global climate – they provide long-lasting, good-paying jobs for Texas families and economic development for Texas communities. Texas’ four proposed LNG export projects are estimated to generate $45 billion in investment and create thousands of jobs. This is in addition to the billions of dollars in oil and natural gas taxes and state royalties that fund local governments, public education, roads, first responders, and our state’s Rainy Day Fund.”

In addition to emphasizing critical economic benefits of LNG export facilities, the U.S. can be a leading example to other countries around the world to consider switching to natural gas as a more environmentally-friendly energy source. We must continue to work bolster the energy industry in Texas in years to come:

“Clean, Texas-produced natural gas clearly has a huge role to play in achieving environmental progress here at home and around the world. We should applaud opportunities to expand LNG exports. Not only does this opportunity bring certainty for planning and investment that will accelerate economic recovery and security at home, but it strengthens America’s global standing and delivers the benefits of our clean and affordable energy to people around the world.”

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