National Security Depends On Energy Production in Texas

This week, the Midland Reporter Telegram published an opinion editorial by U.S. Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette in which he highlights the important role Texas energy production plays in bolstering national security. The piece emphasizes how Texas has become the backbone of U.S. energy production and has allowed our nation to become more independent, relying less on foreign countries:

“After decades of dependence on foreign nations for our energy supplies and suffering through a series of energy crises in the 1970s, the United States decided to fire a cannon shot of its own, setting out to become energy independent, rather than remain beholden to nations that did not have our best interests at heart.”

Texas is the top U.S. producer of both crude oil and natural gas. According to the Energy Information Administration, Texas accounted for 41% of the nation’s crude oil production and 25% of its marketed natural gas production. Secretary Brouillette highlights how the Trump administration’s management of the energy industry in Texas has been successful:

“First, our military is a massive consumer of energy. In fact, the Department of Defense spends around $15 billion on energy – 2% of its annual budget of more than $700 billion. Much of the military’s energy use goes towards training and housing service members so they are prepared for overseas missions. Therefore, reliable domestic energy production is vital to our national security, ensuring that we maintain continuity of operations at bases around the country.

Next, our strong domestic energy production allows us to enjoy energy security. This means that we are no longer beholden to the Middle East for our energy supplies like we were 30 years ago. In 2019, Iran’s attack on a major oil processing facilities in Saudi Arabia, while concerning, did not threaten our access to energy. In addition, America’s new position as the world’s top oil and natural gas producer allows us to protect the global energy market, as opposed to being held captive to the whims of other nations.”

By continuing to strengthen the energy industry in Texas, we can ensure the U.S. will stay a top energy producer in the geopolitical arena. It is crucial that policymakers keep these benefits in mind. The upcoming election could shake things up, but no matter the outcome, it is important that energy production in Texas continue to remain a priority:

“The United States’ role as a leading energy exporter helps maintain a healthy global energy market and strengthens our geopolitical relationships. Our energy exports, whether coal, LNG, or refined petroleum products, allow friendly nations to provide energy security to their people. This reduces the malign influence of countries that seek to use energy trade to exert geopolitical influence over import-reliant nations.”

Texas is a cornerstone in ensuring our nation has consistent energy security and stays on top of the global energy space. It is important that we continue to support the Lone Star state’s energy industry both now and in the future.

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