“New Jersey LNG port should be an easy call”

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board recently pointed out that President-elect Joe Biden will soon face his first test as to whether or not he’ll stick to his word to not ban fracking: will he allow a proposed LNG port to move forward?

The project, which would be located on the NJ side of the Delaware River in Gibbstown, is designed to allow natural gas extracted from the Marcellus Shale to be liquified and then transported by train to the port where it will be exported, mostly to the Caribbean.

The Journal’s Editorial Board writes:

The New Jersey LNG port should be an easy call. It has been approved by local authorities, is supported by unions for the jobs it would create, and it would help revitalize the area where it is being built. Same for the rule allowing rail transport of LNG. The test of Mr. Biden’s fracking pledge will be if he lets the project proceed without interference.

But many environmental activists and fossil fuel opponents disagree. Progressives are calling on Biden to kill the project – and block rail transport of LNG – but the Army Corps of Engineers and the Delaware River Basin Commission have already approved the port.

The LNG port will be key to providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy to our allies around the globe. Bolstering American energy production and export capabilities stands to significantly benefit US interests both at home and abroad.

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