21 State AGs File Lawsuit to Save Keystone XL

E&E News reported attorneys general from 21 different states are suing President Biden for revoking a key, border-crossing permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. In their lawsuit, they noted the U.S. government has studied the safety, environmental impacts, and economic benefits of the pipeline for years, and how President Biden bypassed Congressional authority:

“Essentially, the President purports to unilaterally shutter Keystone XL to send a climate-friendly signal to the international community and secure a stronger negotiating position in his efforts to combat climate change…Congress has never allowed the President to encroach upon its powers over international and interstate commerce in order to facilitate the President’s pursuit of such vague objectives.”

In addition to state attorneys general considering how the President overstepped his authority in revoking the permit, his decision is detrimental to economic growth. The Keystone XL Pipeline would have provided 60,000 direct and indirect job opportunities, $3.4 billion in wages, and $10 million in green energy training. Many policymakers were deeply disappointed by the decision. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem tweeted the following:

“The Keystone XL Pipeline would’ve benefitted South Dakota towns for decades. It would’ve brought jobs, growth to small businesses, and funding for local schools. South Dakota joined the lawsuit to overturn President Biden’s misguided decision.”

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen noted the project would have been a “lifeline” for his state, noting the pipeline would have been the largest property taxpayer across six different counties. Knudsen highlighted how nearly 4,000 job opportunities are now gone in his state with the cancelled project.

While President Biden continues to push for a green energy agenda, he must come up with a clear plan to reintroduce job opportunities for Americans instead of taking them away without a Plan B.

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