President Biden & Congress Must Maintain America’s Energy Independence

Today Morning Consult published an op-ed by GAIN strategic adviser and former Maryland Congressman Albert Wynn highlighting the importance of maintaining American energy independence. To ensure price stability, consistent low prices, and our national security goals, diversification and balance should be utmost priorities in the energy sector. 

While the Biden administration is prioritizing renewable energy and green technologies, it is critical the administration also recognize the role of traditional fuels and invest in the growth of modern oil & gas infrastructure. As Wynn points out, the United States recently became the world’s largest energy producer, passing Saudi Arabia and Russia in oil production, and became a net exporter, reducing our reliance on foreign entities. This momentum must be perpetuated for the sake of our national security. As Wynn writes, “The administration would be foolish to cater to environmental extremists who disregard the reality that the U.S. oil and gas industry supports millions of good-paying American jobs and provides tens of billions of dollars to local, state and federal governments.”

Wynn highlights the reality that the 41% spike in gas prices over this past year is ridiculous in the short-term and unendurable in the long-term. Being that oil & gas makes up 69% of America’s primary energy consumption today, it is critical that the United States continues to prioritize commonsense infrastructure policy and investment that keep America’s energy resources flowing in the most cost-effective, safe, efficient, and environmentally-conscious manner. The Dakota Access Pipeline(DAPL), which has safely moved over 570,000 barrels of North Dakota crude each day for nearly four years, is at the heart of this fight for oil & gas infrastructure. American energy cornerstones like DAPL are key to safe, affordable, and reliable energy transport for American consumers, despite continual attacks from ideological purists and unrealistic environmentalists.

Wynn concludes by calling on the administration and Congressional leadership to focus on the science and facts: “It is important to keep politics out of America’s energy policy so that Biden and the Democratic leadership in Congress can prioritize a balanced investment strategy, which continues to advance infrastructure such as DAPL, maintains our energy independence and ensures affordable energy for American consumers. The Biden administration must continue to prioritize American energy independence for our COVID-19 recovery, national security, jobs and economic prosperity.”

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