Infrastructure deal would require study on job losses from Keystone XL cancellation

The Hill recently reported the new bipartisan infrastructure deal would require the government to study how many job losses were caused by the Biden administration’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline – a move that has been lauded by fringe environmentalists and criticized by labor unions and American energy advocates.

As The Hill reported:

The bill requires the government to conduct a study estimating direct or indirect job losses caused by revoking the pipeline’s authorization over a 10-year period. It would also analyze any associated increase in energy costs as a result of the executive order. The study must be completed 90 days after the bill becomes law.

As reported by Fox Business, a study from the State Department found 26,100 indirect and direct jobs would have come from the Keystone XL pipeline project through its construction and supply chain. TC Energy Corp reported more than 1,000 construction jobs would be eliminated as a result of President Biden’s executive order.

GAIN applauds the bipartisan coalition of U.S. Senators for recognizing the ramifications of the cancellation of KXL and for calling for further study. Pipelines like Keystone XL are key to American energy security and national security and help fuel the global economy.

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