Real Clear Energy: “We Need More U.S. Oil, Not an Import-More-Oil Strategy”

Real Clear Energy recently published an op-ed from the American Petroleum Institute’s Mark Green regarding the dangerous precedent set by President Biden’s pro-energy import position while at the same time pushing policies that hinder much-needed energy development and infrastructure growth here at home.

As gasoline prices continue to rise, President Biden last week called on OPEC to reverse COVID-era production cuts and increase the supply of oil to the global market. However, the President’s plea comes after numerous domestic policies – such as the ban on federal leasing and the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline – have curtailed potential oil and gas development and critical infrastructure development.

Green writes:

Basically, the White House is begging OPEC to produce more oil even as it perpetuates an indefinite pause on new oil and natural gas leases on federal lands and waters – which includes the vast resources held on the U.S. outer continental shelf – suggests tax hikes for our industry and blocks critical energy infrastructure.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The White House should resume new federal leasing, right now, as ordered by a federal court. It should stop talking about measures that would single out the natural gas and oil industry for higher taxes, discouraging new investment and production. It should support safe and responsible infrastructure upgrades and new construction.

The administration should stop looking to foreign suppliers for help and focus on what can be done here at home to increase U.S. energy security and benefit American consumers.

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